The retail industry is very competitive. NOBEL team is geared to help the customer to meet those challenges while still achieving strategic and operational goals.


Handle the demands of every changing market need is a major challenge. At Noble we understand the importance of timely delivery and give extra care to ensure efficient arrangements of supply chain needs.

Oil & Energy

The sector deals with highly specialized cargo in various sizes and measurements, Noble team has over 20 years’ experience of handling these specialized cargo to ensure that the industry demands are fulfilled.

Commercial Importer

The volume and frequency of the consignment is large and thus requires an efficient team to deal with all aspects of the industry and update the customers from time to time. Noble team is well servant of the customer needs and works assertively for the achievement of commercial objectives.


Health industry deals with the sophisticated equipment’s which are required to meet the health related needs, Noble teams works very closely with the industry to facilitate the timely delivery of the consignment